by TERROR

    Terror Terror Terror is an 80's-synthwave-aesthetic inspired murder mystery about five friends who basically have to deal with murders happening in th...

    80s, Mystery

  • Study Date


    **CW: Minors drinking and smoking, mild violence.** A coming-of-age drama. This was first year of the country's bubble economy. It was also the fi...

    80s, Drama

  • Red Star

    by Tybaxel

    Red Star is a coming-of-age webcomic with supernatural elements, set in 1980's Texas. The story spans over twelve years and follows the stories of t...

    80s, Fantasy

  • Interstellar C.A.T. Crew

    by Sheharzad

    80s style action packed sci-fi with cute yet morbid cats, robots and spaceships. You will find many references to old and new favorites such as Swat K...

    80s, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • I would love to

    by JohannOfArt

    Chieko Miura has always been married to her job: she thrives on being useful and has been fighting to climb the ladder all her life, proving herself...

    80s, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+


    by red

    The supernatural story of three kids growing up in the 1980s. --- UPDATES FRIDAYS --- WARNING for violence, blood/gore, swearing and slurs, drug ...

    80s, Slice of life

  • Inquebrantable

    by Leo

    Updates once a month! Matías thought most coming of age stories involved parties, booze, and existential crises. His involves a formerly-presumed-dea...

    80s, Romance

  • Lilies For Death (Unfinished/Old)

    by montse

    After being banished from the Holy Realm and having his memory wiped, Thanatos, a hopeless Lord of Death, is forced to live in 1980s Italy under the c...

    80s, Drama

  • Jupiter

    by DrZime

    Otto Wilcox is content with his lackluster life until his fate becomes entangled with that of Jupiter, a robot who's lived on earth since the year 100...

    80s, Science fiction

  • Cigarettes & Carrot Juice

    by WittA

    Cigarettes & Carrot Juice “An all girl gang rumbles with vampires, witches, and surf Nazis in 1980’s Santa Cruz.” A semi-weekly comic created by i...

    80s, Action

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