• The Second Lead Syndrome

    by Batusawa

    Due to a scandal in the past, Eun-Young has sworn to stay away from showbiz life for good. Now living a quiet and low-profile life as a college studen...

    Actress, Romance

  • The Pros and Cons of Being Cursed

    by Muse Of Ink

    Lexi Porter is America's sweetheart. A rising star in Hollywood and on her way to becoming an A List actress in the business. Until the day she disapp...

    Actress, Romance

  • Hey Handsome

    by Xinnamoon

    "The perfect man...IS A WOMAN!?" A silly little love story between a handsome woman and a scary man. [Updates at 7 MT on Saturday (or at least tries ...

    Actress, Romance, Comedy



    Sumire Massoullevè, is one of the highest-paid actresses and entitled the top 1 most beautiful woman in the world. The sole daughter of one of the ric...

    Actress, Romance

  • An Impossible Dream

    by ivacalderon

    A comic about a girl and her impossible dream.

    Actress, Slice of life

  • Essie Mae

    by jahix

    Set in the 1930's, Esther (Essie) Mae Alexander has been coerced into travelling the Mid-West with her Vaudeville sister act since she was a child. At...

    Actress, Drama

  • Recruited by a Villainess System

    by DionneR

    At her lowest, when everything seemed bleak, a mechanical voice approached her. [I can save your sister.] She was already trapped in a dead-en...

    Actress, Romance, Drama

  • Lost in Maryland

    by mary

    Fatty. Nerdy. Silly.

    Actress, Slice of life

  • Nancy Wang

    by Eggroll95

    Early 20th century USA when racism was prevalent. Chinese American Nancy struggles to be a Hollywood actress. Human drama inspired by a life of legend...

    Actress, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • 우리 사이의 음악

    by Tais

    "나는 에밀리라는 소녀와 모든 것을 교환했습니다. 그녀는 약간 거칠고 약간 미쳤지 만, 그녀는 내가 만난 누구보다 더 깊이 사랑합니다." 스티브는 항상 소녀들과 삼진을 해왔습니다. 그는 그녀의 상태에 대해 에밀리를 인터뷰하라는 임무를 받았을 때 포기할 준비가되어있...

    Actress, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

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