• The Wizard of Wall Street

    by ScarletDemon

    Why is it that every love story happens at a coffee shop, a school or something sweet and cute like that? Why is it never somewhere more believable? I...

    Adult_Themes, BL, Romance, Drama

  • TAPOUT (my rival... SHE'S A-??)

    by MariaMediaHere

    Faith's had it up to here with her clubmate Jeni. If that kleptomaniac ever bothered showing up to the women's boxing club at all, she would have alre...

    Adult_Themes, Comedy

  • (we are) The Rotten Ones

    by Otakah

    Guns. Hard drugs. Sex. Oh,and a 21-year-old Psychology student who doesn't know what magic brownies are. Follow the adventures of a good-fo...

    Adult_Themes, Comedy

  • An Eye For An Eye

    by Novalinlin

    Having seen his brother murdered in front of him 3 years prior, now 17-year old "Raven" finds himself obsessed in his search for the murderer ★Comple...

    Adult_Themes, Drama

  • (GL)(BL) Another Fairytale

    by LilaDoesFanfics

    The following comics will be comprised of different series that exist. All credit is due to its creators. This may contain Yuri, Yaoi, sexual themes, ...

    Adult_Themes, Comedy

  • Granted

    by Octavia Moon

    Nearly 3,000 years ago, King Solomon gained mastery over the djinn - ancient and mystical beings with magical powers. Legend has it that the djinn wer...

    Adult_Themes, Fantasy

  • Behind The Mask

    by Outspoken Chaos

    Outcasted and betrayed by a country she once served, Raven has risen again from the dystopian wastelands in which she was thrown to. Backing her are u...

    Adult_Themes, Horror

  • Arin, the Thief

    by Ecru

    Aria finds herself transported into an otome game! You know the drill, and so does she. At least, she thinks she does. These are all 1-dimensional cha...

    Adult_Themes, Romance

  • A Scarlet Introduction

    by Pondermoniums

    Jane Watson needs new lodgings. An old friend knows someone in need of a flat mate. It's the Sherlock Holmes story you know. Only not at all. Fe...

    Adult_Themes, Mystery

  • Indifference

    by AtlasFae

    excerpt *** “Tyrian, kiss me.” She said suddenly. “Soliel?” His eyes were wide with shock. “Think of it as a science experiment. I would be hon...

    Adult_Themes, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

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