• Heart of the Hollow

    by Lobster Magnet

    A mysterious girl wanders into the heart of darkness looking for the light. Watch this comic get created in real time every Monday and Friday as i...

    Atmospheric, Horror

  • Tales from Mood

    by inmavi1997

    Elsa is guided by a life of melancholy to a special forest, where she meets Oliver, amid a cry for help. Our protagonist decides to help him, entering...

    Atmospheric, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Birds Who Sing by the Graves

    by tuonenkalla

    In a world where time seems to do tricks to human minds, can you trust the pace of everyday life, or do you want to fight it? In such world, what does...

    Atmospheric, Drama, Fantasy

  • Torch and Tempest

    by Sebastian

    Jan Storm and Kris Kundrisson are partners in a rather peculiar profession. From the dusty bowels of haunted houses to the wild waves of the north sea...

    Atmospheric, Horror

  • Colors of Freedom

    by indigoteddy

    Kai is a colorblind Business Student, whit a dream: Being a full time photographer. He lives in the back of beyond and wants to break free from the n...

    Atmospheric, BL, Slice of life

  • Teatro Giallo

    by Lorenzo D.

    Alone on a snowy city night, a girl finds a ticket to a showing at an abandoned movie theater... I may turn this into a long-form series in the fut...

    Atmospheric, Horror

  • Monocromaticamente

    by Samuel Chang

    Join Samuel Chang (SamyyChang) and his experimental and introspective comics! Updates sporadically.

    Atmospheric, Horror

  • Leather Aprons

    by Chazzlets

    Sarah Moors' life is left sundered after returning from a harrowing tour in Afghanistan – her parents are missing and her future looks as bleak as th...

    Atmospheric, Horror

  • Dawnington Legends

    by Philip de Goya

    In this horror anthology series, Dawnington, Maryland seems like any other town. And like any other town, it has its share of urban legends. Some are ...

    Atmospheric, Horror

  • Totality Volume One: Sampler

    by Katla

    NOTE: This comic is being reworked, this is being kept for legacy purposes. In a far off galaxy, Laktan, an enthusiastic young alien finally achiev...

    Atmospheric, Science fiction

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