• The Wastelands

    by Petitecreme

    ::Updated Sundays:: A world left empty from its Gods as the mortals struggle to continue living with poisoned lands, corrupted guardians and aban...

    Aztec, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Codex Black

    by Shi-Gu

    An unknown darkness looms over the Cemanahuac and only the fateful encounter of Donaji & Itzcacalotl may light a fire of hope. An original adventure...

    Aztec, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Silent

    by Lydia

    Read RIGHT to LEFT Silent shorts. Not of the pants variety. Here's another : http://comic.manga-audition.com/entries/mothers-hand-by-lydia/

    Aztec, Fantasy


    by Ruy F. (Aka Flint)

    On the land of Coatlan lies Macoatl, a tiny restaurant trying to be successful in the land of gods, serpents and other prehispanic oddities.

    Aztec, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Frej Rising

    by AWFrasier

    The worst Viking in history is burned on a pyre and resurected by the Aztec deity of Death, Xipe Totec.

    Aztec, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Neonahuatl

    by Hernán Trevilla E.

    Neonahualt is a science fiction comic created by Hernán Trevilla E., tells the adventures of Xauhqui a teen neo Aztec canine addicted to adrenaline,...

    Aztec, Science fiction

  • Copal

    by Kathara

    Aztec myths never were more than a middle school History lesson, and nothing Mateo cared much of. When his soul essence accidentally frees an unusu...

    Aztec, Fantasy

  • Broken Wings and Ruined Magic

    by yggdrasil

    Things have changed greatly since The Great War... Our people.. No. Our world has reverted back to Victorian times, back to nothing but coal. Oil led ...

    Aztec, Fantasy

  • Tlazohtlaliztli

    by Oyabun Art-Abbi

    Yachiro is a young mobster apprentice who seeks for a raising opportunity in a tough men world, she performs extreme missions to make the Mafia Boss -...

    Aztec, Action

  • Taria

    by Titus Weiss

    Taria is medieval fantasy comic series exploring the conflict between the three major races inhabiting the fictional continent of Taria. Humans, Elves...

    Aztec, Fantasy

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