• Miracle Road

    by ONAT

    Miracle-Road a place where a group of friends, running an old roadside inn located somewhere in the outskirt of the city walls. they have to deal ...

    Body_Swap, Comedy

  • Between The Tied

    by beyondthegin

    Brendan, your atypical high school jock, and Daniel, your atypical affluent brat, didn't know one another until they had to. When "the switch" happ...

    Body_Swap, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Box Shaped Heart

    by LauraSFox

    Carter Malis thinks he knows exactly when he turned into a self-identified homophobe, and that had to be the moment when Aron Ruskin, his best friend ...

    Body_Swap, BL, Comedy, Romance

  • this is not us

    by yuzukini

    For a single day, Ellow Jacobs wakes up in the body of a boy with long silver hair. He initially considers passing it off as a weird dream... but it f...

    Body_Swap, Drama

  • Mr BodySwitcher

    by herany

    ***Made with manga maker comipo*** In a normal world and a normal city with normal people, Tajima Mao, a girl who was born with cat ears and tail has...

    Body_Swap, Romance


    by ONAT

    a bunch of short comics. mostly short stories about body swap, gender swap and etc. (anything that involves swapping).

    Body_Swap, Action

  • Gift the Child

    by バナン子

    Waking up in a stranger's bed isn't how these two 'unfortunate' gals planned to end their lives. Who will realize that they've been living in a poo...

    Body_Swap, Drama

  • The hero and the heroine

    by Chauncey

    A boy and a girl are sent to another world in each others body to save the world from destruction......

    Body_Swap, Fantasy

  • Inconspicuously Disastrous Pudding

    by Jazz and Mars

    A Prince and Princess reluctantly enjoy the way-too-close company of each other because of a Foreigner's delicious pudding.

    Body_Swap, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • The Blessed Unrest

    by Aled LaRue

    Andrei Gonzales didn't have much of a choice when he was given a chance to live again. Albeit, in another body — with a different story. Four years...

    Body_Swap, LGBTQ+, Drama, Slice of life

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