• Entree

    by Isihock

    Circumstances force two opposing village leaders to unite in an attempt to save both their villages from extinction – but can love alone amend decades...

    Cannibal, Romance

  • Please Don't Eat Me

    by beta1042

    Mark is a deliciously irresistible man who finds himself attracting unsavory people. Between his ravenous cannibal roommate and a vampire stalker thi...

    Cannibal, Horror, BL, Comedy

  • Bozo Eater

    by FroznAlmond

    ON HOLD RN If you’re looking for gay highschool girls living together then maybe try reading Bozo Eater,,!! Revolving around 18 year old, mom-friend ...

    Cannibal, Drama, LGBTQ+, Comedy

  • Cooking with Hannibal

    by stastro

    A collection of Hannibal mini-comics, based on NBC's Hannibal that I did in 2014/15...

    Cannibal, Comedy

  • K.Annabel

    by Bryttni

    [Content Warning: This comic may contain gore, mature situations and language, sexual content, and other dark circumstances.] Katherine Annabel was...

    Cannibal, Horror

  • Hannibal Folies

    by Cactus di Fuoco

    An exhilarating collection of crazy strips and short comics about the tv series "Hannibal". Enjoy!

    Cannibal, Comedy

  • Normal Tuesday Night

    by Pilot-Doodles

    "You're walking in the woods. There's no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him- Shia Labeouf" A short comic...

    Cannibal, Horror

  • Purple Cannibal

    by Justa_Ghostie

    Chad Maccauden and Jared Warner have always been polar opposites but they get along just fine join these two goof balls on their weird adventures *...

    Cannibal, Fantasy

  • Dahmer and Greg

    by fmaier89

    Written by Ryk Brink, with art by Florian Maier Greg is just your regular joe happily making a living in a 9-5 office job. He lives together with J...

    Cannibal, Slice of life

  • Curly the cursed con man

    by LarsLasse

    Haunted by a deadly curse and fleeing eternal damnation, there is no rest nor salvation for the man simply known as Curly...

    Cannibal, Horror

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