• Keep Me Warm

    by CapricornsDog

    Reno gets reincarnated in the body of a boy named Vandis. The new world has people with animal characteristics. Reno becomes a reptile unable to keep ...

    BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Crossing Lines

    by CapricornLove

    No more holding back. No more tears left to cry. I curse the Chua Family who stole away everything to my family that led the death of my parents. No m...


  • ZERO (BL)

    by CapricornsDog

    In a world with superpowers there are heroes and villains. The government wanted to stop this by creating designer baby's. The failure, test subject Z...

    BL, Science fiction, Romance

  • Revelations: A Zodiac Story

    by Da3Idiyots

    A tale of adventure and mystery The Zodiacs were living in peace but when they receive a scroll from the gods, their little safe space was shattere...

    Capricorn, Fantasy

  • Celestial Dawn

    by Henrike

    For as long as time has existed, Vanea has been protected by twelve celestial deities. The Zodiacs. Each a powerful guardian and the very essence of V...

    Capricorn, Science fiction