by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    Castles, Fantasy

  • Deviant

    by pTerra9

    Reed is the son of King Hailen and brother to the current king Mika of the Blood Nation. During a battle against the Frosben, Mika was cursed and is s...

    Castles, Romance

  • Dance with the devil

    by SatchiHatchi

    Mirriam hates parties. Maybe that's the reason why she doesn't want to go on one in the Barkenburgh castle. Surprisingly, this time things went quite ...

    Castles, Romance

  • King Kinnick

    by brettybooop

    Set in the classic medieval times, a royal pup and his careless sister seem to always find themselves in hairy situations. King Kinnick, who is hesita...

    Castles, Fantasy

  • Obscurato

    by Deanna Brigman

    Retired warrior Dionisia's quiet life as a grandmother is interrupted when an old friend is in need of saving. With her past catching up to her she is...

    Castles, Fantasy

  • Liberatus

    by Taylor is Trying

    History was doomed to repeat itself from the moment earth was created. It's been 3500 years since the second asteroid hit earth and wiped out humanity...

    Castles, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Bagley the OK Magician

    by Sefra 14

    The adventures of Bagley, the OK Magician for hire who completes jobs in his own OK way!

    Castles, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Drakan

    by Dinesh van den Berg

    Known as the Heartless Drakan a ronin from the Lost North, hated and feared for his bloodlust wanders from battle to battle seeking what no one can un...

    Castles, Fantasy

  • Not Your Princess

    by kuroochiii

    What if you get sucked in your favorite book? 17 year old Su-bin choi was quietly enjoying her spare time with her favorite fairy tale book when al...

    Castles, Fantasy

  • Draconium: Rise of the Gray

    by Hannah

    Gareth is a young dragon with big dreams.

    Castles, Fantasy

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