• Tied Down

    by Stockholm syndrome

    Have you ever loved someone so much you want to hide them from the world and keep them all to yourself? Apparently that's called kidnapping... U...

    Chains, Romance

  • Chains PT-BR

    by Aluartista

    Candy decide fazer uma visita surpresa para o Castiel mas tudo começa a dar errado quando ela decide usar um antigo presente. Português - Brasil

    Chains, Romance

  • Punish Me With Ecstasy

    by L.D.Manning

    Pay back has never been a greater ecstasy. Angara has been kidnapped by a demon, and he will not let her go until she remember the wrong she has do...

    Chains, Romance, Horror

  • Public Execution

    by joramadams

    With the re-introduction of capital punishment as an attempt to subdue a growing crime rate, the line between violence and entertainment begins to blu...

    Chains, Action

  • Polluted: Foggy Air

    by OrangiChu

    In a dystopian world reeking of pollution, Sky Pirates terrorize the skies, spreading unhappiness and horror throughout the atmosphere. Who could stop...

    Chains, Action

  • Caged Birds

    by DammiDuck

    These teenagers didn't ask to be made into super-powered criminals but they were and now many of them are fed up with the cards they were dealt. Who i...

    Chains, Drama

  • Caged Freedom

    by Muto Katsuhiro

    A short story I did for a contest about a caged bird that craves freedom.

    Chains, Drama