• Super Apps

    by PM Fiction

    What would you do if a company released an app which gave you superpowers? Super Apps tells the story of Tom & Lily in such a world where superpowers ...

    Comic_Book, Action

  • Anomalous

    by Graphic Dreamer

    Anomalous features two childhood friends, Val and Levin. Soon after his mother's passing, Val moves away with his father leaving Levin behind. The two...

    Comic_Book, Drama

  • Ego-X

    by Игорь Пристолов

    Ego-X- Tells the story of a simple young guy who wears a black hood hiding his face, everyone calls him JUST. He likes to spend time hanging out on ...

    Comic_Book, Mystery

  • Metalmancer

    by Jessica Lang

    Versão em português: https://tapas.io/series/Metalmancer ... This is a story about heavy metal and witchcraft. This comic may contain violence, dra...

    Comic_Book, Horror

  • Metalmancer [pt]

    by Jessica Lang

    English version: https://tapas.io/series/MetalmancerENG ... Uma história sobre bruxaria e heavy metal. Essa história pode conter violência, drama, ...

    Comic_Book, Horror

  • Season 13

    by Orakon

    In a chaotic future, vigilante justice is the norm. With thousands of new heroes every year its hard to make your break. The easiest way to solve this...

    Comic_Book, Action, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • The Great Cat Revenge

    by Burns

    A story about a Cat named Mew who hates his Human owner for stealing his girl named Ame and now he decided to get his sweet revenge to this Human call...

    Comic_Book, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Maximum Chaos

    by DanitaSComixCorner

    (Series is an Epic) As a newly wed couple Marc and April thought they were destined to live a simple life. Until they get entangled with an obsessive...

    Comic_Book, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Bait and Switch

    by BaitandSwitch3

    Meet Bait and Switch, an anti hero duo, one with dissociative identity disorder and the other a super genius. Switch's twin brother is being held host...

    Comic_Book, LGBTQ+

  • City of Bluescale

    by CharmingKobold

    A man wakes up with no memory of his past, in a city where magic is commonplace. Join Zetan as he tries to uncover his past and find his place in the ...

    Comic_Book, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Fantasy

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