• Uncle

    by AmebuArt

    *WARNING! This comic is a twisted BL story* UNCLE is a story about a 17 years old boy, who lost his parent in a tragic way. When all hope is gone ....

    Criminal, Romance

  • In Plain Sight

    by Cerbilen

    A story revolving around childhood friends Henry and Samuel, now each respectively living out their days in Chicago as an anatomy art professor and a ...

    Criminal, BL, Mystery

  • The Premise

    by MGO

    The Premise is a story about the moral contradictions and ethical dilemmas that arise when two policemen discover a criminal gang, commonly known as “...

    Criminal, Action

  • Like Ecstasy

    by Mae Rose

    ( SEASON TWO ) Nathaniel Reeves is an eighteen-year-old high school dropout struggling to make ends meet for his little sister, and mother sufferin...

    Criminal, BL, Romance, Drama

  • Counting Minutes

    by Dolly Grand

    A homeless thief breaks into a house that has nothing worth stealing - except for the heart of a lonely man who is obsessed with time. ***** Bla...

    Criminal, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Anetemonia

    by Pibi

    Muitas vezes o destino separa pessoas, e a anetemonia alonga o processo. Philip Evans não achava que poderia se aproximar de seu amigo de infância. N...

    Criminal, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Looking for Oasis

    by TAMAnnoying

    Rated PG13 due to strong language and adult themes. Reader discretion advised, themes include death and depression as well as discrimination. After...

    Criminal, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Becoming His Fix

    by EmmaRoseHerondale24

    Roland is a homeless teen who is just trying to make it through life. He does what he can in order to stay alive but years of petty theft has caught u...

    Criminal, BL, Romance, Drama

  • The 94 Knots

    by Serpenk

    "Know that I hanged on a windy tree, for nine long nights..." This is the story of the outlaw known as The Un-Hanged Man. He has a reputation for b...

    Criminal, Fantasy

  • Fugitive

    by Snyckerdoodles

    READ: LEFT TO RIGHT!! A violent game of cat and mouse has an unlikely pair scrambling to save the world and find a lost brother, all while avoidin...

    Criminal, Drama

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