• Nene's Bedtime Stories

    by INOGArt

    Short creepy/horror stories narrated by Nene. Turn on sound, grab a cup of tea and enjoy. https://www.patreon.com/inogart Little update: schedule ...

    Darkness, Horror, Fantasy

  • Never follow the wispfinch!

    by kimketli

    Killing people for his government is like a bad drug for Eric. It's slowly killing him, but it also makes him feel alive. Though what will happen when...

    Darkness, Fantasy

  • The Executioner

    by Choferry

    Horror/Drama/Supernatural "Don't close your eyes..." A story about a boy who was cursed by a demon: He has to fight every time that falls asleep, ...

    Darkness, Horror

  • Candle House

    by Mr. Circus Papa

    Maxwell is a quiet boy who's terrified of the dark and dealt with odd hallucinations since his parents' death. Little does he know what lurks in the s...

    Darkness, Horror

  • Silence the Dark: Birth

    by BAITOR

    A young boy discovers about the truth hiding behind the facade of the Light, and a group of people just like him, whose purpose is to strike down the ...

    Darkness, Drama

  • Seishi

    by Balust

    Owel must atone for the fault committed against the laws of his clan chasing the murderer who is undermining them. With the help of his gifts and the ...

    Darkness, Science fiction

  • The Memory Lane

    by Sanborg

    The God of Darkness has escaped his confinements in the afterlife "The Memory Lane" once again, but being reborn as a human has erased all memory of w...

    Darkness, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Laminas Diaboli

    by Strange DaVinci

    The world has not seen devastating war for two centuries. The ultimate evil sealed far from the land he devastated. He lives on, biding his time until...

    Darkness, Action

  • The Fourth Verse

    by a.r.walker

    Two men. Two apparitions. One seemingly inescapable fate. Aden wants one thing: To find the love of his life after over a decade having been separa...

    Darkness, BL, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Purgatory

    by NoHana

    heya guys ^^ purgatory is a old story from me about a young girl and demons. hope you enjoy it! :) a little summary will comming soon :)

    Darkness, Fantasy

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