by Rio Fujisawa

    “MADARAKI” is one of my serial comics - Japanese style “manga”. Kasumi is the Japanese traditional group of armed priests, who have battled against ev...

    Deity, Fantasy

  • Death Puppet

    by Syndrops

    Dreams keep you going but Nightmares hold you back.

    Deity, Fantasy

  • Crow(N)'s Nest

    by v0idless

    Many eons ago, a goddess gifted cedar boxes, containing parts of her powers to few chosen animals. Those animals, became deities to maintain and prot...

    Deity, Action, Fantasy

  • Love Me, Deity

    by Mariposa

    Upon starting college, Akina realizes she is a reincarnated amnesiac goddess and that there are others like her. As they regain their powers and memor...

    Deity, Romance, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Goddess in Her Dreams

    by Merui

    Our Heroine wakes up in an unfamiliar world where knights, dragons, and magicians exist - not to mention holy beings who would kneel down in front of ...

    Deity, Fantasy

  • Anima

    by myiaow

    Hana had encountered a book entitled, 'Anima'. A book about the era of deities in the land called 'Paraiso'. But little did Hana know, this book could...

    Deity, Fantasy

  • Ascend Precure!

    by deizunei

    The life of three magical boys who go around saving the world from monsters and become friends in the process (Precure fanseries).

    Deity, Fantasy

  • Perspektywa

    by ThatScalieThing

    Perspektywa is a science-fiction webcomic series being created by a small team with Kidbrainer as the artist and ThatScalieThing as the writer. Upd...

    Deity, Science fiction

  • Young God

    by felmel

    A God kidnaps an atheist.

    Deity, Comedy

  • Aurora Borealis

    by Obelis

    The sun goddess smashed the sun into million pieces and escaped the World. Will humanity manage to create artificial light to save itself?

    Deity, Fantasy

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