• My Brother Is A Robot

    by IntrovertedBones

    Satanic fanatic and grumpy 7 year-old Devon used to tolerate existance as a single child until his family suddenly adopted a robot-boy named Ohm. (des...

    Devon, Comedy

  • The Modern Elf

    by Erikkun

    Imagine the Elves you read about in fantasy books but with modern technology. That pretty much sums it up.

    Devon, Comedy

  • The Devon Legacy

    by JustNoPoint

    Seven people born with special abilities learn fast that there are more to their gifts than they could have imagined as they face aliens, monsters, an...

    Devon, Action

  • Inbeetween Ends

    by devonlondon22

    after Devon, a 15 year old, wakes up in purgatory god allows him to hang out with his favorite characters from games and shows but in return the adven...

    Devon, Science fiction