• Season 13

    by Orakon

    In a chaotic future, vigilante justice is the norm. With thousands of new heroes every year its hard to make your break. The easiest way to solve this...

    Distopian, Action, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Hellborn

    by Kazra

    Did you know Hell used to be wild and free? Shh! The demon King might hear you! Lillin wants nothing more than to be a warrior like the rest of her no...

    Distopian, Fantasy

  • Dusk

    by Ghajestis

    Enter Maximillian, a child living in the late times of the world. Remember - If you enjoy this story, consider subscribing! (maybe even farm ads...

    Distopian, Science fiction

  • Dead

    by Nail

    If you're offline - are you really alive?

    Distopian, Science fiction


    by cicadastar

    wellcome to a world of tecnology were your free to do almost anything. dont worry nothing ever gose wrong here.... ever.

    Distopian, Science fiction

  • Soul Seized

    by Reese

    Multiple teens are trapped in an infinitely advanced and innovative prison, designed to torture them with games and competitions; only to bring out th...

    Distopian, Action

  • the sick ones

    by kaido

    after a shocking event, Samuel Brown decided to take an anti-gay cure, so he could try to live a normal life as the society say it could be. before...

    Distopian, Romance