• Crescendo (BL)

    by KusoTaisa&Mizuno.H

    Aiden met Bryan during a survival idol audition. Now they are preparing to debut as a duo unit named Crescendo. But something happened and everything ...

    Duo, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Jeff & George

    by Thomasque

    Jeff tries to find the coolest place to stand. George is also there, and some dragons. Updates on Fridays!

    Duo, Comedy

  • Devil-Me

    by Poochigo

    Tajima, an unfortunate boy living under unfortunate circumstances, meets a mischievous sadistic little devil (Kai) who has been sealed-away. Delighted...

    Duo, Fantasy

  • Book of Change

    by Amarathimi

    As if feeling stuck in a boring everyday routine wasn't hard enough, babysitting an egotistical magical book might just top it off. Updates once a ...

    Duo, Fantasy

  • Duplexium

    by Ray

    Project closed - thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a lovingly remade Duplexium starting later in 2022. Sophie finds herself accidentally betrothed t...

    Duo, Romance, Drama

  • Mystic Shenshu

    by Mayshing

    A mysterious world where words can literally cut like a knife... Those who can manifest and wield their words survive.... Two teens are whisked aw...

    Duo, Fantasy

  • Ignatia and Burrito

    by paperclip

    Ignatia lived a normal cat life— until her human, Rachel, rescued a new kitten, Burrito, from the animal shelter.

    Duo, Comedy

  • Day Dragon

    by ShameOnTheNight

    An adventure of two foolish knights searching for a creature of great power in a dangerous world where monsters roam freely in the night. I try to ...

    Duo, Fantasy

  • Apple Core

    by MelancholicOtaku

    Apples are the most sinful fruits ever created. A upcoming artist has a dark secret about him. Written by: Rebirth Mortal Art by: Luis Banus

    Duo, Horror

  • Spilt Personality

    by Copper_Kabell

    Some random slice of life comics about me and my spilt personality. No that is not a typo, I just don't feel it is a full split just a little spilled....

    Duo, Slice of life

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