• Death Prince

    by MylCreates

    Nia is a lonely, artistic and adventurous girl who loves to explore the forests beside her village, that is, until one quiet morning, she discovers a ...

    Egypt, Romance

  • Fez & Blood

    by M. Nagy

    This comic series revolves around Ali Ghareeb, a detective for the Bureau of Special Investigation during King Farouk’s era. After his last case with ...

    Egypt, Mystery

  • DRA

    by Franubis

    Year 2017, humanity has been secretly creating beings known as "DRAs". They are the emboidement of what we once considered to be just items of our ...

    Egypt, Fantasy

  • Distant Calls/EPDA Universe

    by MichiTheThird

    A kiss sparks up the past lives of a pair of teen boys. ( BL, angst, reincarnation, further warnings in the chapters)

    Egypt, BL, Romance, Drama

  • Netjer

    by Yarko

    Alma is a 12yo girl that finds a talking stray kitty that claims to be the goddess Bastet. Magical girls and Egyptian mithology! Script by Jésica G ...

    Egypt, Fantasy

  • AMENTI - Chapter 01: Obscure

    by ChiineArtist

    [ Original Story. ] ________________ [Plot] "A man named Amsu looking for his his beloved one who had disappeared and protecting his people from ...

    Egypt, Drama

  • Eyra Toggenburg

    by Ri Largo

    The adventures of a Victorian explorer as she tries to overcome the day-to-day obstacles that life presents her.

    Egypt, Comedy

  • The Chronicles of the Crisis

    by Egyptian-Enthusiast

    The world as we know it is wonderful and strange... Add magic into the mix, and things become even stranger! Join two wayward souls from ancient Egypt...

    Egypt, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Full Moon King (FMK)

    by Raven Diamond

    Silver Heart is a teen with a checkered past. His whole life he’s had to fight to survive, but it’s only in death that his whole world is turned upsid...

    Egypt, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Anubis

    by pHsueh

    A story about young Anubis grow up and become the god of death. (featuring crappy English, sorry! English is not my native language, lol)

    Egypt, Fantasy

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