by SketchyKitty

    Kaitylyn, or Kai in short, lives her day as normal as it could get for a 14 year old highschooler. Days filled with being with her childhood friends ...


  • Elemental

    by Owen McCarthy

    In a world where everyone's elemental affinity manifests on their 18th birthday, a young student finds himself with a very unique affinity.


  • Elementals: Air

    by FireDevil7

    We made a mistake, we thought we could mess with nature. We played god, we tried to bend the rules. So we created monsters, unfinished humans; Element...

    elementals, Fantasy

  • Elemental Goddess

    by chaoticdevil

    - Friends - Transformations - Etc


  • The Elementals

    by PeakDistortion

    Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and ? make up this powerful team. In a world of humans who can develop elemental powers, something dark grows nearer and near...


  • Elementals: Water

    by FireDevil7

    Jack Brashey is taken from his home and family against his will to be part of an experiment whose purpose is to destroy elementals. People are scared,...


  • Love Elementals

    by Neveria

    A short collection of whimsical tales, intended to rhyme, and capture short sweetness of magical Elementals and fantastical, Otherworldly beings.


  • Elemental Sacrifice

    by ShapeShifter

    There Are Five Different Worlds, Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, and the human world. In the four elemental worlds occupies four demon lords, Ora, Crucian, ...


  • The Elementals

    by Shadow

    In a world of Magic and Mischief, there are 2 girls that are no different from the rest....... or so they think. Scarlett and Amber go to the school H...

    Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Elementals Book 1

    by Alisdelisgi

    What do you do when you're kidnapped from your own home? When you fall in love with your bodyguard? When you're constantly in perilous situations with...


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