• When The Rain Stops

    by writerkid101

    [ A VERY Slow-Burn, Coming-of-Age LGBT+ Love Story about the Messiness of Love and Life ] Jackson Rivera hates Rory Harwood with all his guts. He's h...

    Enemies_to_Lover, LGBTQ+, Drama, Slice of life

  • Love me!

    by Solaarine

    Lucas is rich, good-looking and popular. He’s used to people wanting him. However, there is someone that seems totally immune to his charms...Evan. ...

    Enemies_to_Lover, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • The Flame of Rome

    by Hannah

    Lia is a Roman slave who longs for freedom. In a world where the supernatural rule Rome, shapeshifters like Lia are enslaved by the ruling vampires. W...

    Enemies_to_Lover, Romance