• My GF is a vampire

    by Emerald_eyes

    A lesbian love story between a human and a vampire.

    Fangs, GL

  • Rising Shards

    by Chiral

    When she suddenly grows fangs alongside strange new powers, Zeta Faleur has to adjust to life at Rising Shards, a Cani boarding school. Zeta sinks her...

    Fangs, GL, Fantasy, Slice of life

  • Tales in the Dark

    by Jack&Jack

    Forgot to add this: read from right to left pwease o_o There are dark stories to be told about dark times, from the distant history of mankind, whe...

    Fangs, Comedy

  • The Vampire Detective

    by Nyanka

    Enter the world where vampires have taken over and now control the global economy and politics. Hated by the humans and cynical to the bitter end, Cal...

    Fangs, Mystery

  • Hunted: Lightning Storm

    by L.Snow d.bones

    There was only one rule among predators. To survive, you have to fight. Survival of the fittest. At least that was the rule until a certain wild pred...

    Fangs, Fantasy

  • Bloody Fangs

    by TotalArtFreak

    Ricky is a teenager barely getting by. Doing what he can to support his family. He, like everyone else, has no idea of the other world lurking in the ...

    Fangs, Action

  • Nice fangs

    by The Feral Gentleman

    Highschool can be a tough and ruthless environment. Even more so when your highschool is filled with supernatural creatures. Can't we all just get alo...

    Fangs, Fantasy

  • Soulless Creatures

    by SoullessArtist

    Lisa is a young vampire who wants to become a hero... when she's not terrorizing people, that is. To do that she will have Drake's help, a childhood f...

    Fangs, Drama

  • Moon Academy

    by hazeace

    7 years have passed since the tragic night that fell on the Black family. The sole survivor, Jaquelyn, decided to enroll in Moon Academy, a school for...

    Fangs, Mystery, Fantasy

  • stupid but FANGtastic misadventures

    by rthomasmz

    Stupid but FANGtastic misadventures is a comic about Devi, a 14 year old girl that lives in a boring and conservative town near a forest that no one i...

    Fangs, Fantasy

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