• A Matter of Life and Death

    by Snarpers

    https://www.patreon.com/The_Snipster Please turn off Ad Block when reading, it helps creators earn advertisement money for their hard work! Read Rig...

    Fantasy, Drama

  • Do You Even Witch

    by Yona Remi

    BL | +16 | Updated: Tuesday DYEW: a story about the life of a teenage witch boy, filled with mysteries, drama, and romance.

    Fantasy, BL, Fantasy

  • What You Wish For

    by RowdyOwl

    As a member of a “Love Story Agency” Jun, the Cupid, helped people confess their love, become couples, and live long lives together. But after some tr...

    Fantasy, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Ghost Lights

    by fantakoi

    (a slow burn love story / LGBT+ / supernatural) when Noah's dreams begin to overlap with reality he doesn't know what to think anymore. but then he an...

    Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • DaiMaou

    by Amanduur

    TL;DR: Shitty comedy masquerading as an actual fantasy comic LOL. In an attempt to strip him of his power, Enon seeks to steal Azaroth's gold vesse...

    Fantasy, BL, Comedy, Fantasy

  • That awkward magic!

    by SomeBunny

    Hey you reader, I just want to say that before this shit, -can I say shit? No? It's ok, whatever- ...I was a normal high school guy with normal life a...

    Fantasy, BL

  • No Way

    by Lay-lo

    A story about an arranged dynastic engagement of an elf and a vampire, which has no plot and often does not make much sense, so be prepared for this s...

    Fantasy, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Dissent

    by LinneaDoodles

    A cursed prince must rely on a witch to free him from an enchantment. But witchcraft is banned, and the two young men have little in common. As love b...

    Fantasy, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Not Another Fairytale Story

    by Azrael Santi

    www.patreon.com/azraelsanti Mermaid prince sets out to the land to pursue his beloved.. But will their love story turn out like the usual fairytales ...

    Fantasy, BL

  • Darkness In Love

    by Yona Remi

    BL | +16 | Updated: monthly Darkness Itself falls in love with an ordinary college dropout. ----- *Darkness In Love is a shared project between Y...

    Fantasy, BL, Fantasy

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