• The Boy & the Wolf

    by Z-Pico

    Humor/Drama/SFW Just think of two boys, thinking they’re in the right place, comfortable in their everyday life. Nothing to break their plans for t...

    Fight, BL, Action, Drama

  • Sunken

    by Cristiana Leone

    Post-apocaliptic, fantasy comic, written and drawn by Cristiana Leone. - English beta reader: Michelle R. - French translator: Adeline M. - Itali...

    Fight, Action

  • Urban Legend

    by J. Lovelace

    A series of murders happens around the city. Due to how mysterious they are, people start to spread some gossips about a phantom that lurks in the nig...

    Fight, Mystery

  • Going home

    by Najsigt

    Alien movie but E.T. wants you to fuck off -Tapas user Jesscapade Nova just wants a calm life. But when four extraterrestrials find themselfs on he...

    Fight, Science fiction

  • Of Stars Profaned

    by Hannes Radke

    Of All Worlds Lost comprises some different subseries with a variety of protagonists, the first of which being the Of Stars Profaned arc. The comic fe...

    Fight, Action, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Windy Lightning

    by Maru Exposito

    What if you could use magic to save those you love most, but that might get people trying to burn you to ashes? In a world where every witch must get ...

    Fight, Fantasy


    by Never

    at 99.8% of the population, superpowers are the norm. It's great for most people, but not so much for the remaining .2%, which is why the Underdogs, a...

    Fight, Action

  • HELM

    by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    Fight, Fantasy

  • Sona Sky (BL)

    by Min-rotic

    Managing your student life, check. Having the responsibility to guard the whole sky, wait! What might go wrong? I mean it's only the sky, it's not...

    Fight, Romance, BL, Action

  • E-Depth Angel

    by Mayshing

    Angel, a young hired nurse, finds herself caught in a militant cyborg family’s power struggle. She must convince these super weapon reverse Pinocchios...

    Fight, Science fiction

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