• Kitsune

    by Mai57

    Hikari Tamano is new in town, and just wants to fit in, make some friends and move forward with her life.

    Fox_girl, Romance

  • How We End

    by KeepItM

    Walking aimlessly through the ruins of civilization, life had never been better for Lya and Renard. In their world filled with rubble and rain, a fain...

    Fox_girl, Drama, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Arashi

    by natsuzaru808

    In a world of limitless power, humans, yokai, and tengu once lived in harmony. However, with the rise of a powerful and wicked being, war was waged, f...

    Fox_girl, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Down the roads of Small Village

    by Kate

    Two villagers are having a nice day in the nearby woods. Their exploring leads to a cave where a hidden trunk was left. What is hidden in that trunk ...

    Fox_girl, Action, Drama, Fantasy