• Night Class

    by Manda_AMSBT

    Night Class (Werewolves | Action | Drama | LGBT+) Night Class is aimed towards a Mature audience. This is a Supernatural Horror containing genre com...

    GORE, Horror, BL, Drama

  • Cloud Nine

    by M0N0KR0M

    The shenanigans of Souh Sato and Hiroki Suzuki

    GORE, Drama

  • The Finger Game

    by Mr. Circus Papa

    In the depths of the Darlingmire Psych Ward for the criminally unstable, 11 year old Kyrin seeks the help of 2 strange patients Levi and Georgia in or...

    GORE, Horror

  • Wolves&Sheep Remake

    by Mr. Heck

    An unknown man slowly uncovers the secret of the isolated town as he tries to save the last people left of his family.

    GORE, Horror, Mystery, Science fiction

  • [un]Divine

    by Ayme Sotuyo

    A high school student halfway through senior year decides the best solution to his problems is giving up his soul for a demon that will do anything he...

    GORE, Romance, Horror, Fantasy

  • The Martyr's Rebellion 殉教者の叛逆

    by Ruriko 琉璃仙

    Support this comic through: www.patreon.com/rurikosama *Dark Fantasy/Plot Driven/Gore/Angst Shounen Ai Drama*/Humanity vs Religion "Purgatory or H...

    GORE, Fantasy

  • Martyrdom

    by Bunny Monster

    A series of horror stories revolving around Hosts, former humans possessed by demonic entities. Some say they are the escaped denizens of Hell, while ...

    GORE, Horror

  • Seemingly Adorable

    by R๑shii

    The twins, Daniel and Lei-nad are both infected with a parasite and they are living back to their normal lives again. Hopefully nothing bad happens......

    GORE, Horror

  • Love Monster

    by JustMe

    Monsters, Myths and Legends... and they all attend college! What awaits Eli as he starts his first year in this ghoulish school? Nightmares? Torment? ...

    GORE, BL

  • Satanic Panic

    by Meat

    Inspired by the Satanic Panic Movement of the 80's-early 90's, we follow complete social outcast and overall loser, Joseph as he gets wrapped up in a ...

    GORE, Mystery

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