• He's Dating a Mobster

    by Azrael Santi

    Mafia Boss x Single Dad Fluff love story <3 [Updates Every Saturday PH time]

    Gangster, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • BLACK BLOOD [Full Color ver.]

    by Kuckoonut

    Revamped version of BLACK BLOOD. Updates Every Monday. On a Break! The story tells of Han Jin Soo, a homicide detective who seeks the truth behi...

    Gangster, BL, Drama, Mystery

  • Enix Sanctum

    by eyewhiskers

    After witnessing the brutal death of his mother, Don Prince Vincent makes it his life’s goal to avenge her. He hunts down every last human-animal hybr...

    Gangster, BL, Action, Drama

  • I hate that I love you

    by aericchi

    A girl found the person she wants to take revenge on

    Gangster, Slice of life

  • Amore Infinito (Omegaverse)

    by EAB

    Hayden Pierce is the number one assassin at SIN, an organization geared toward eliminating criminals for very large sums of money. Although Hayden use...

    Gangster, Romance

  • Uncle Vinnie

    by Humbug

    Vincenzo "The Godfather" Pagliacci has it all: a criminal empire, killer street cred and an impeccable sense of style... ... A style that's about t...

    Gangster, Comedy

  • The Dealer's Notes

    by Crystal Pandita

    The adventures from the notes of a famously known drug dealer who calls himself Alexis Jensen. He explores and discovers crime families and gangs in t...

    Gangster, Drama

  • Like Ecstasy

    by Mae Rose

    ( SEASON TWO ) Nathaniel Reeves is an eighteen-year-old high school dropout struggling to make ends meet for his little sister, and mother sufferin...

    Gangster, BL, Romance, Drama

  • The Bully and I

    by Elle

    WARNING: This story contains explicit content. Contains men to men relationship. Many people have asked me why I'm in love with Hiro Blaise and...

    Gangster, Romance

  • SEMI

    by Aka Nezumi

    Minoru is a completely average boy with a crazy split personality in the form of a monstrous owl. One day, he is saved by a tanned little girl with th...

    Gangster, Fantasy

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