• Memento Mori PT

    by Lean

    [EM HIATUS] Forte de espírito e um gosto peculiar por sorvetes, Fuyuki, sempre está almejando algo que complete sua "infelicidade" sem sentido. Por u...

    Hiatus, BL

  • Odd Dream - Hiatus

    by Dark-Light Lantern

    You know the cliché story starting when your the main character find themself in another, and they need to live there. Yea, this story start like this...

    Hiatus, Fantasy

  • Hiatus !

    by APOPHIS

    I thought it would be cool to start a novel named hiatus never really on hiatus, so here I am (with my poor life decisions).

    Hiatus, Mystery

  • Archive of the Unfinished

    by Šamšānu

    {I found my old archival of unfinished comics I'd done during my school years. Whether because of time or not enough motivation, these comics have be...

    Hiatus, Science fiction