• Kitsune

    by Mai57

    Hikari Tamano is new in town, and just wants to fit in, make some friends and move forward with her life.

    Hikari, Romance

  • Hikari No Mahö

    by Alanencio

    Allan y sus amigos buscan la manera de derrotar a los magos oscuros que gobiernan el país de Raddean, y poder salvar a su gente. Serie de fantasía b...

    Hikari, Fantasy

  • Phoenix:Excel

    by Elrhーサム

    Other than the world we live in , us ,Normal humans , there is another one , hidden , people with strange powers live there , they use natural energy ...

    Hikari, Action


    by Makkary

    [ CÓMIC EN ESPAÑOL ] Sinopsis: Aquí todos llevan una vida normal, a excepción de algunos cuyas vidas han dado un giro distinto, ya que portan Ai...

    Hikari, Science fiction

  • Hikari Origin: Hitaku Quest

    by Aigami Hikari

    After defeating Yami, Hikari chooses to live with him. Before this, Hikari only has himself to face everything. But this time, fate has brought him to...

    Hikari, Non-fiction, Drama, Slice of life