• Ice

    by Ashley Taylor

    Ravenna is cursed. With the uncontrollable power to form ice at her fingertips, humans see her as a dangerous threat -- a witch that must be execut...

    Historical_Fantasy, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Lin's Aviary

    by Keyade

    Lin is a servant at the Royal Household of Kanlu. His people are oppressed and shunned, long neglected by the migratory birds that bring good fortune....

    Historical_Fantasy, BL, Fantasy

  • The Pirate and the Princess

    by Sapphire

    Princess Kirianna of Altira has been raised for one purpose; marriage and succession. A dutiful, intelligent, and optimistic girl, she came to terms w...

    Historical_Fantasy, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Madhouse: A Love Story

    by Sharkhette

    ~Updates Wednesdays~ When Annilia falls in love with the dashing Colonel Marathon, she defies her uncle’s marriage plans for her. Threatened by the l...

    Historical_Fantasy, Romance

  • CodeX

    by RedTaiga

    >>READ LEFT TO RIGHT>> Arthimus is a strong and bold guy, raised in a fictitious Imperial Rome. He will start a journey to shed light on uproarious e...

    Historical_Fantasy, Fantasy

  • The Finger Bone of St Cyneburg

    by Pyomatic

    8th Century England. A young monk-in-training, Oswulf, sets out to cure a ‘curse’ that brings a world of folklore and magic into his own. Joined by a ...

    Historical_Fantasy, Fantasy

  • The Lady of Ice and Snow

    by pocchari

    After the Crown Prince suddenly annuls their engagement, Neve Rosentine is sent to die in the frontlines of war. To everyone's surprise, Neve rises in...

    Historical_Fantasy, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • Copula

    by Joanne Kwan

    Copula is the sequel to Secunda! Patience has barely settled into married life with her husband and their inhuman partner when they are invited to ...

    Historical_Fantasy, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Drama

  • Tora

    by Pan

    Chiyo must move to Kyoto for her younger sister's health, but there's a big problem; since the end of the war, Kyoto has been a hotbed of demon activi...

    Historical_Fantasy, GL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Broadside

    by Noella

    Lady-pirates team up with a Caribbean goddess! Also follow at http://broadsidecomic.tumblr.com --- Nora stumbles into Guabancex, the goddess ...

    Historical_Fantasy, Romance

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