• The Struggles Of Waiting

    by Matt

    [LGBTQ+ ROMANCE NOVELLA] At twenty-two years of age, people stop ageing. Only when they find their soulmate do they start ageing again, allowing them...

    Immortal, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Raven & Wolf

    by William Savage

    The story of two shapeshifting immortals and how their lives interacted with some of history's best and worst moments. Their life, their love, and the...

    Immortal, Fantasy

  • A suicide letter by an immortal man

    by Eteneme

    I know it sounds even stupider if you read this in front of my goddamned corpse, but please don't let that tiny detail fool you because I am about to ...

    Immortal, Slice of life

  • Ice

    by bekaboo2013

    Rory Thompson, a seemingly innocent human just trying to survive the week, is gifted with Death's Kiss after a strange encounter with Jude Bex, an imm...

    Immortal, BL

  • Athanasia

    by zeitvon

    Elais, an immortal vampire yearns to end what feels like a never-ending cycle of torturous living. When he's told to find a being that has the power t...

    Immortal, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

  • Eternity Concepts

    by Xexilia O. Shadows

    *Please Note: This manga is considered yaoi. It will make you gay. Support X here: http://www.patreon.com/xexilia Julian Skyy is a Roman Cat...

    Immortal, Slice of life

  • Legend of the Sun and Moon

    by NovelsStudio

    Updates on Saturdays VOLUME I After being abandoned on an island by his godly parents, Atlas was raised by his servants on this little island ba...

    Immortal, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Killers amongst us

    by Naakaree

    There is a tale that history doesn’t want you to know... one where murder is the prime entertainment. When Santa set out to create a superior breed ...

    Immortal, Horror

  • Reaper

    by Jeremy Lovett

    NOTE: READ RIGHT TO LEFT!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depressed since a young age, Ky...

    Immortal, Action

  • Immortal Suicidal

    by Fred Tornager

    All Holger longs for is death, but as it turns out he happens to be immortal. Logan, another immortal, tries to teach Holger how to live with himsel...

    Immortal, Comedy

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