• Soundimals

    by James Chapman

    Sound-based FUN. Dogs go WOOF, cats go MEOW, right? RIGHT? NO. It depends what language you're speaking!

    Language, Comedy

  • Himawari Share

    by hamini

    Himawari Share follows the lives of three international students living together in Tokyo. Join our heroines as they struggle with the language barrie...

    Language, Slice of life

  • The Dealer's Notes

    by Crystal Pandita

    The adventures from the notes of a famously known drug dealer who calls himself Alexis Jensen. He explores and discovers crime families and gangs in t...

    Language, Drama

  • Shade Touched

    by Zat

    A monster is born in the depths of the wilds, but she's a little different from her siblings. She looks upon the world and finds wonder and awe in wha...

    Language, Fantasy, Action, Slice of life

  • Epilogue of The Brave

    by Nova Sapien

    Alex Kennedy was a twenty-nine-year-old linguist from Canada working in Hollywood as a consultant for movies and TV shows. He was a hardcore fan of Ja...

    Language, Fantasy, Drama

  • Pax and Jude

    by pinkgrapefriend

    A story about how an alien and a human find each other and fall in love. —Breakdown: A ~SLOW BURN~ with a supernatural twist that takes place on m...

    Language, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Doctor ¿Qué Hace Usted Ahí?

    by Shikicraig

    Joshua, un muchacho bastante antisocial, se dirige hacia su primer día en la facultad; en esta nueva etapa de su vida ha decidido intentar no cerrarse...

    Language, BL

  • Kitta's Story: Journey to North

    by Krisse Kovacs

    Story of Kitta, who is just a regular girl with regular life but suddenly everything changes around her and sees many things that she did not believe ...

    Language, Drama

  • Jackal's Dance

    by ScarletDemon

    There was a man...he's running...Wait, he's...covered in broken chains, there's a muzzle around his face too. He...doesn't remember anything...for the...

    Language, BL, Action, Romance

  • Summer's Light

    by emirrart

    Hikaru Nakayama has been struggling at school lately (in both the mental and academic aspect,) and is forced to take (and pass) a language in order to...

    Language, BL

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