• the Knight and the Nun

    by kth.

    I've illustrated this little story a while ago for a competition but in the end I didn't make the deadline. Since it was a shoujo story full of tears...

    Legends, Romance

  • Pierogi RPG

    by Megan Uosiu

    [Comic status: a one-shot, finished. Second part: updating.] Full to the brim of interesting quests and events, this MMORPG based on the slavic myt...

    Legends, Gaming

  • The Ballads of Saal the Bard

    by Sator

    Short story comics inspired by old ballads revisited

    Legends, Fantasy

  • Being A Banshee

    by biggiggs

    The life of a young queer banshee named Daemon in a world dominated by humans. (The art style becomes cleaner on page 17 and my style now on page 2...

    Legends, Fantasy

  • These Violent Delights

    by jiemae

    Legion commander to the Fairel Empire’s imperial army, Vadim Lièvremont needs a body double for the crown prince and it just so happens that the irrit...

    Legends, BL


    by plutoneon

    A story about a wandering god and a lost child. Art and Story by: Brooklyn Allen (Crow-Matic)

    Legends, Fantasy

  • Realmwalker

    by stargazer31

    Gunhild Gretadottir is the Realmwalker- Asgard's backup human warrior. 2 years after the events of Realmwalker: Chronicles of Asgard, she is invited t...

    Legends, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Pocket Space

    by Valentine

    Space Captain Muliholona and renegade Princess Isadora spend their days hunting down various treasures hidden in the cosmos. Sometimes. they even get ...

    Legends, Science fiction

  • The Magician’s Pony

    by Hannah

    Legends tell of a magician who drew magical strength from her familiar, a immortal pony named Celeste. Sage is a teenage girl who has moved into a far...

    Legends, GL, Fantasy, Mystery

  • Emissary of the Sun

    by Cagattzo

    "Emissary of the Sun" is a adventure webcomic contextualized in 1910, which takes a journey from north to south through the country of Chile, South A...

    Legends, Fantasy

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