• Magnolia Online

    by Merryweather

    Rita is a normal and optimistic girl, but convinced by her hardcore gamer friend, she delves into the world of MMORPG gaming for the first time. Ar...

    MMORPG, Gaming

  • Crowned!

    by GoldenPlume

    "Suddenly . . . a princess?!" A coding mishap transforms the least popular teen in school into an online role-playing game's massively popular prince...

    MMORPG, Gaming

  • I am the Final Boss

    by rensensei

    A gamer craving for new gaming experience accidentally discovers a private game server on the Dark Web. However, he is forced to play and become the f...

    MMORPG, Action, Gaming, Fantasy

  • Yes, My Prince

    by Dreyrugr

    Two high school boys find enjoyment roleplaying in a fantasy game together, but they soon find themselves... wanting to meet each other in real life. ...

    MMORPG, Romance, BL, Gaming

  • Dungeon Service [INDEFINITE HIATUS]

    by KYB

    Behind each perfect-haired hero is a thankless NPC. Follow the lives of a defunct MMO's bit players as they breed mobs, sell equips, place chests, ...

    MMORPG, Fantasy

  • Yuliverse Ultimate MMORPG

    by Yulius Efferven

    UPDATES: sporadically. You rip open the package from a mysterious sender and it's weird game you've never seen before! Stop hanging out in your norm...

    MMORPG, Gaming

  • Gamers and Magic

    by TL Shay

    Romantic slice of life, BL, with a hint of comedy, about two gamer guys, who find more in common than not. Tomas is a 20 year old college student who...


  • Everlasting Quest

    by Pooki

    There's nothing quite like an MMO to have fun, unwind, forget about a stressful day and...find your perfect boyfriend!? A lighthearted 4koma serie...

    MMORPG, Comedy

  • Porings, Pourings, & Poporings!

    by dualityDiscretion

    Follow the whimsical adventures of Joshua as he traverses the magnificent world of Midgard! This webcomic is based on the game Ragnarok Online. Pl...

    MMORPG, Gaming

  • They were HUSBANDS?!!!

    by fridge

    Have you ever been married to a beautiful elf woman in an RPG game? Well, I have. And then she confessed to me that she has real feelings for me, and ...

    MMORPG, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

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