• Slow Tension

    by Nana Ku

    Yoshiro and Kei met in highschool and became a couple but something terrible happened between them and Yoshiro left town. Twelve years later Yoshiro r...

    Man, Romance, BL, Drama

  • The Spirit of the earth (short)

    by morteraphan

    This is a little story about man, forest and its inhabitants. Comic without words. 2015.

    Man, Fantasy


    by chul lee

    Our bartender LEO. He doesn't say the nicest things, but then again, you would never disagree with what he has to say.

    Man, Slice of life

  • String

    by Rattyrant

    A high school girl met an awkward man through an extraordinary event. A lighthearted romance webtoon in pencil sketches.

    Man, Romance

  • Superheroes of Faboburgh (BL)

    by Elijah林

    Faboburgh, a fantasy countryside capital city is the homes of superheroes who (are also known as your local celebrities) fight against infections of t...

    Man, Drama


    by No Longer Accessed

    A world of magic. A world of demons. A lifelong pact. In ancient times, the gods created HellGates, rifts that would allow mortals and those who ...

    Man, Fantasy

  • GL

    by AnneBell

    Girls' Love

    Man, LGBTQ+

  • Mad Dog

    by Kriamhurt

    A retired soldier, after a traumatic incident, decided to start anew in a far away unknown town. He told nothing to his friends, so to the world, he's...

    Man, Fantasy

  • Love (yourself)

    by Kay Williams

    Robert is just an ordinary guy. Ordinary life. Ordinary days. But one day, his life will change forever. Just in case: someday, someone will love yo...

    Man, Romance

  • Ravenheart

    by Seokthih

    In Land of Amaranth ravens have been regarded as cursed birds for hundreds of years... They have been banished to the Outer Forest, but recently have ...

    Man, Fantasy

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