• Neonworld

    by Ginkgosan

    "Don't fear the future. The hope. The despair. See it all for yourself." These are short stories of people who are driven by emotions and fight back t...

    Science fiction

  • Neonahuatl

    by Hernán Trevilla E.

    Neonahualt is a science fiction comic created by Hernán Trevilla E., tells the adventures of Xauhqui a teen neo Aztec canine addicted to adrenaline,...

    Science fiction

  • Neon

    by Arte by Brie

    After years of rigorous research and experimentation, pharmaceutical conglomerate Maelstrom successfully developed a mutant bio-weapon known as Xeneon...

    BL, Action, LGBTQ+


    by Peter Palmiotti

    A group of individuals come together over time to build a better tomorrow...maybe.

    Science fiction

  • Neon Crystal

    by Ruby

    Lily has always had terrible luck... until the day she met a wolf and a brunette with hair that turned rose... Now, the question is, has her luck impr...

    Neon, Romance

  • Neon Kiss

    by H∆NИ∆H

    Main Story: Neon Kiss In a utopian future, a space prince with a secret meets a holographic AI with a heart of gold updates Wednesdays. All my co...

    Neon, BL


    by Blankdem

    A Steven Universe AU following the idea of The diamonds invading earth Before steven was born. Ask/Main blog on tumblr @suau-neon

    Horror, Action, Science fiction

  • Neon Girls

    by ATH

    Four girls. One city. Neon Girls follows a group of mostly queer, mostly Latino high school seniors following a night of gang violence that turns ...

    Neon, Action, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Neon Glow

    by AlkseeyaKC

    Jake and Zedof work together catching radioactive ghost animals called neons.

    Neon, Romance, BL, Action

  • Neon Rabbit

    by WakaXO

    What would you do if one day while going about your everyday life, you suddenly developed superpowers after a serious head wound? This is the question...

    neon_rabbit, Science fiction

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