• Peaceful Mind

    by melinalujans

    -BL- Eunwoo isn’t the regular boy, even though he appears to be. He has a power, the ability to read minds. He’d lived his whole life dealing with it...

    OCs, Romance

  • Confessions

    by Bsienk

    •See Patreon to support the conclusion!• The year is 1978. Jimmy carter is president. The Cold War is ongoing. Computers for the average consumer i...

    OCs, Drama

  • Entree

    by Isihock

    Circumstances force two opposing village leaders to unite in an attempt to save both their villages from extinction – but can love alone amend decades...

    OCs, Romance

  • Succubus x Angel

    by Mochi Tokki

    In an all girls world, called Azure, consisting of demons, Succubus, and angels, a Succubus named Zeki, takes a liking to a little angel going by “Flu...

    OCs, GL

  • Deliria (english version)

    by SarahpDraws

    Edward Thompson, a boy who’s only 23 years old, becomes the new star of a completely murky and unknown world, governed by the desires and greed of a g...

    OCs, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Red Shift

    by MeltingCORE Ω

    Born for war, Steppenwolf has lived for millennia. Despite being a rage-fueled conqueror of worlds, Steppenwolf desires to be free from servitude to h...

    OCs, Action, Science fiction, Horror

  • Two Birds (old)

    by Rerin

    Watch as the two childhood friend, Michael and Lee, go through life living together, talking about feelings and life, and being themselves.

    OCs, BL

  • Climate Crashers

    by Noel Rodriguez

    Three Treasure hunters become unlikely companions as they go on a quest to restore harmony to our world.

    OCs, Fantasy

  • Creepypasta: A Gore Story

    by RoyallyCrowned

    A Creepypasta Halloween gore comic. *some OCs was lend by Creepypasta amino community* *some others OCs are mine own or belong to tumblr user and tap...

    OCs, Horror

  • Project E-113

    by Shiro

    A little boy wakes up from a cryogenic sleep inside some cold and lonely installations ,he must find ''Father'' and get out of there with a mysterious...

    OCs, Horror, Mystery, Science fiction

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