• The Mouse and The Wolf

    by Dolly Grand

    Oliver's life turns upside down when he learns that werewolves exist and one of them is his mate, but things get dangerous when he starts to learn mor...

    Orphan, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Street Angel

    by Jim Rugg

    Jesse 'Street Angel' Sanchez is the deadliest girl alive - a homeless ninja skater girl, fighting ninjas and trying to pass 7th grade. Street Ange...

    Orphan, Slice of life

  • LostMyth

    by AceAlmansoori

    READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT A world where humans are 1/5th of the earths population. A world filled with dangerous creatures. Where as soon as you step o...

    Orphan, Fantasy

  • Hearing You

    by fridge

    Avi moves all the way from England to America when he changes foster family to some old friends of his parents. The new change of scenery starts to gi...

    Orphan, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • How to Make a Killer

    by Choco Boss

    Tarrek was hurt badly by the man that should have cared for him the most. Thus, all the little kid could think of is revenge. However, before he was a...

    Orphan, Drama

  • Karana

    by Kainatarma

    People said to him that the dead always have a way to torment the living; but what if he was the dead? Months after a mysterious earthquake killed his...

    Orphan, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Call Me Mara

    by Solomon J. Twiggs

    In a debt-burdened town, a motherless urchin doggedly strives to survive. A violent encounter shows her a sign of the blessing that runs in her blood....

    Orphan, Fantasy

  • Cherry Blossoms

    by Elizabeth Kay (Eli)

    Malakai Ross (Kai) is a human orphan ready to be on his own. He is sick of the bullying from students at school, specifically Jake, and the abuse at h...

    Orphan, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Fugitive

    by Snyckerdoodles

    READ: LEFT TO RIGHT!! A violent game of cat and mouse has an unlikely pair scrambling to save the world and find a lost brother, all while avoidin...

    Orphan, Drama

  • The Lost Boy

    by Clare Cassidy

    What if Captain Hook was never really evil? What is it was Peter Pan himself? And what if this damnation was the result of two foes who were once in l...

    Orphan, Fantasy

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