• Boy of My Dreams: Café Clement

    by Ai Night

    Weekly Updates Every Friday at 9pm PST ++++++++++++ Café Clement is the next instalment in the "Boy of My Dreams" webcomic series. This comic is set...

    Pastries, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Yummy Adventures

    by DonutGirl

    Four Friends Cakey, Bakey, Olivia and Emily take out a yummy adventure because it’s almost Valentine’s Day! They will have to think creative ideas to ...

    Pastries, Mystery, Drama

  • SWEET!

    by PitchBlackCat

    This is a story about a magical girl named Adriana who has cannoli powers! Watch as she saves the day.. or at least tries to anyway! I aim to upda...

    Pastries, Comedy

  • Welcome to Heaven

    by Mistyped_

    (A Reverse Harem) Kotori Teruhashi burns everything she makes, but that doesn't stop her from dreaming of becoming a famous pastry chef someday. P...

    Pastries, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Capaeu Cafe

    by Minkey Justice

    It's about a chibi with magical powers who hides her identity by being small. She runs a cafe and is named Capaeu. She has two siblings who runs parts...

    Pastries, Comedy

  • Our Corner of the World

    by Dawn

    This is the story of a girl who lived in the castles of her mind. This is the story of a boy who was as intangible as the wind. This is the ta...

    Pastries, Romance