• Semiaquatic Love

    by elisp

    A young merman wants to get out of the sea and go on an adventure on land. Will he succeed? Maybe with the help of a certain pirate...

    Pirate, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Foxtails and Fairytales

    by Nathaniel Wilhelm

    After 17 painful years Sebas's life ended abruptly, but when he opened his eyes he found himself reborn in a world of fantasy and magic... with fox ea...

    Pirate, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

  • Shanties

    by Captain Moony

    A tale of two captains and their quest to kill each other. Kamari, a siren pirate, is shipwrecked on a remote island. She'll need the help of new all...

    Pirate, Fantasy

  • Come Hell or High Water

    by morinavis

    So a prince and pirate fall in love... then go their separate ways. Now with the prince's kingdom on the verge of war, he seeks to find peace. Wh...

    Pirate, Romance, BL, Drama

  • A Pirate's Treasure

    by PigeonLord666

    The year xxx. Elizabeth Ayde princess of the Dithia Kingdom is soon to be married to her fiance and become Queen. Consumed by guilt and her stubbornne...

    Pirate, Romance

  • Tentacle Kitty

    by John Merritt

    Kitties! Tentacles! Adventure! Kitties with tentacles on epic interdimensional adventures? Yes please, that would be purrfect! Oh and check ou...

    Pirate, Comedy

  • Sea Legs

    by Neal D. Anderson

    Follow Aubrey, an unambitious Uni student who suddenly finds herself swept up into a world of pirates, treasure hunters and odd creatures!

    Pirate, Fantasy

  • Wild Child

    by Melikas

    Meeting his own kind for the first time, Sanzu's challenged to face his own humanity. Having grown up stranded on an island, he's more animal than any...

    Pirate, Action, Drama

  • The Pirate and the Princess

    by Sapphire

    Princess Kirianna of Altira has been raised for one purpose; marriage and succession. A dutiful, intelligent, and optimistic girl, she came to terms w...

    Pirate, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Deep Sea Ghosts

    by Helsenn & Crapaud

    Alan and Donovan, a pirate and a privateer, looking for a treasure on an mysterious island. What they will find is far from what they could have imagi...

    Pirate, Fantasy

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