• Wastelands Rules

    by LilGrayaen

    In a world where everyone can fall prey to a predator or insanity (or both), getting banished is your death sentence...unless you got a plan insane en...

    Predator, Romance

  • Sons of God

    by metalmiku

    Ordinary teenager's life will change after she notice, that Earth and all what will happen to it, also interest and intrigue to some others besides th...

    Predator, Mystery

  • What Lies Beneath

    by StarfallHybrid

    The ocean is a treacherous yet alluring entity, regardless of what world you come from. D`lor, a young Kuda craftsman who makes regular trips to the s...

    Predator, Fantasy

  • Hunted: Lightning Storm

    by L.Snow d.bones

    There was only one rule among predators. To survive, you have to fight. Survival of the fittest. At least that was the rule until a certain wild pred...

    Predator, Fantasy

  • From 404 - Horror

    by Lady DarkStar

    Some things we don't want to face. Some things are better left lost or forgotten. Short stories, for the most part.

    Predator, Horror

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    by Carolyn Hill

    DRACULA meets INCEPTION in this short story about a female vampire vigilante who works with the local police to take down a criminal who preys off of ...

    Predator, Fantasy, Mystery, Slice of life

  • Hisani

    by Hisani26

    Hisani is a mean 18 year old lioness whose heart has grown cold after experiencing many harsh realities that nature has thrown at her, but when her pr...

    Predator, Horror, Action, Drama

  • Alien Tales

    by Robot Hunter

    Newt attends her science class, at Hadley's Hope on Anchoron, after her father had an unfortunate episode with a face-shagger and she learns something...

    Predator, Science fiction

  • Pikaia

    by Cameron Ohara

    Dreams don't come true - they're made true. Introducing a new web comic mini-series, written by Steve Locke and artified by Cameron Ohara. The comin...

    Predator, Slice of life



    Two brothers pitching weirdly interesting—and possible worth million—movie mashup ideas. A new pitch every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! (If you ...

    Predator, Slice of life, Comedy