• Pucca: What's Yours is Mine

    by Littlekidsin

    Pucca, the daughter of a Chinese noodle restaurant owner; once a carefree 10 year old girl, now a beautiful young woman! She's been known to consta...

    Pucca, Comedy

  • Pucca: Tobe or not Tobe

    by Littlekidsin

    Rewinding to Pucca's early days, the heart and soul of a young Tobe is challenged when he realizes there's a little more to life than just vengeance. ...

    Pucca, Comedy

  • Pucca Shorts

    by Littlekidsin

    How did Tobe and Garus feud begin? Where did Pucca obtain her special powers? And why on earth is there a chicken on Ching's head?? This series i...

    Pucca, Comedy

  • Garu

    by Ordeper Arts

    La historia de un niño que se convirtió en Ninja. The story of a kid who became a Ninja.

    Pucca, Action

  • Secret Santa

    by Derpygirl06

    It’s Christmas Day! Pucca and her friends decided to do a secret Santa this year! I wonder what amazingly thoughtful things they got each other!

    Pucca, Romance, Comedy