• [2015] Countdown to Countdown

    by Vel

    Iris is a young man with the gift to bring pieces of artwork into reality. 5 years into an apocalyptic outbreak, he's holed up in a lab that shelters ...

    SCI_FI, Science fiction

  • Countdown to Countdown

    by Vel

    In the year 2044, “Demifloras”- humans that have developed inhuman abilities, are targeted and harvested for their pricey body parts. Iris Black, a De...

    SCI_FI, Science fiction

  • Vindicaris

    by Serpyra

    Vindicaris is a scifi/action comic about Periodica: soldiers of the Periodic Elements. The story follows Ces and Sel: two rogue Periodica on their ...

    SCI_FI, Action, LGBTQ+, Science fiction


    by Sparrouu

    The world ended. All that’s left now are gangs fighting over scraps and dealing sins to those who will buy them. Delta, a down on his luck punk, is tr...

    SCI_FI, Science fiction

  • Samsara

    by Awe Edizioni

    awe present SAMSARA Samsara is the story of two lovers, Mason and Lasse, who follow and search for each other across countless lives. They keep fin...

    SCI_FI, BL

  • We Lurk in the Woods

    by Khantaya

    We Lurk in the Woods follows the adventures of Alex and Toby, two teens growing up in the sleepy, seaside town of Sunside View... At least, that’s wha...

    SCI_FI, Fantasy

  • Starlight

    by chiogiri

    [Romance, Sci-fi, BL] The king of Betania, Hades, is forced to marry someone he doesn't love for the sake of his planet. What happens when he meets a ...

    SCI_FI, Romance, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Sleep Mode

    by J. Lovelace

    A white knight raids a defense tower to wake up a cyborg in sleep mode. - short oneshot - cyberpunk BL - silent comic

    SCI_FI, BL

  • Full-Spectrum Therapy

    by A.L. Kaplan

    Queer sci-fi | PG-13 **COMPLETE** A post-invasion teen attempts to hide his connection to the aliens through booze and makeup, jeopardizing the ...

    SCI_FI, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Pulling You Under

    by unmachined

    Read left to right! James was powerful; Drake was not. That should have meant they weren't compatible with each other. But unfortunately for James ...

    SCI_FI, BL

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