• Talon Hunters

    by Serpyra

    Welcome to Granod: a mystical island where people can turn into dragons! Twins Xem and Quill set out to become Granod's best bounty hunters and, in or...

    ShapeShifters, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Jimmy and the Forest Animals

    by Dyamirity

    Jim Duncan, a self-proclaimed city brat, is gonna live in the middle of a forest, because his life is just... Like That. Also, to add insult to inju...

    ShapeShifters, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • The Alpha's Rogue

    by fridge

    As a rogue, I’ve spent my whole life on the run from a crazy alpha. He finally catches up to me and my family, and almost kills us. Luckily for us, we...

    ShapeShifters, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • The Woods

    by cosmosbadger

    The monsters never left...

    ShapeShifters, Fantasy

  • Zenchav

    by DracoPlato

    This comic is rated R for mature themes. Damon, a simple minded half jinn, is caught up in his father's plot to reform humanity, and is pitted agai...

    ShapeShifters, Fantasy

  • Ow Shapeshifter AU

    by Overdrugs-Mayhem

    An Overwatch Au where all the characters are shapeshifters and live in clans/packs/flocks. This won't be a full series but an archive of all the co...

    ShapeShifters, Fantasy

  • Echo's Rift

    by Jennifer Potter

    Echo's Rift is an epic adventure that follows 15-year-old Eliot as he uncovers the secrets that kept him in near complete isolation from the day he wa...

    ShapeShifters, Fantasy

  • More Than Human

    by hypnoticheart413

    What would you do if you found out every monster, every fairy tale creature, everything you thought of as a simple story told to scare children, was r...

    ShapeShifters, Fantasy

  • The Memory Lane

    by Sanborg

    The God of Darkness has escaped his confinements in the afterlife "The Memory Lane" once again, but being reborn as a human has erased all memory of w...

    ShapeShifters, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Purr

    by zeevryn

    Cooper is an introverted shifter struggling with immense loneliness when he encounters an angel and gets thrown into supernatural politics he never wa...

    ShapeShifters, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

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