by Shannju

    << Read the webcomic from right to left << Haru is struggling with making new friends at school. Not only that, but there's also a new student, who...

    shonen_ai, Romance, BL

  • Orange Hickey Dad

    by pearsfears

    <<<<<read from right to left<<<<< A short oneshot story about italian food, falling in love and orange hickeys! Savino moved into a new town, g...

    shonen_ai, Romance


    by SeNaeke

    Percy and Matt are facing some supernatural occurences. Matt is coincidentally one of those. GENRE: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, LGBT+ WARN...

    shonen_ai, BL, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Disaster Debut

    by Cyandy

    After 3 months Aaron and Nemo decide to finally take the final step in their relationship. But due to an unnecessary and very stupid misunderstanding ...

    shonen_ai, BL

  • Stupid Story BL

    by Levelanix

    Yanik is a shy boy. At his new school he wants to get a new identity. But the first day starts with a disaster. The popular and handsome student Alan...

    shonen_ai, BL

  • Complete Relief

    by adrianaloleng

    Well-known BL Mangaka Shuji Ishimura is a rising star in the manga industry. His works have, in a short time, drawn a huge audience. However, he strug...

    shonen_ai, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Fading Colors

    by Nightmaker

    Bonusstory - update every Tuesday Main Manga- Completed ~THIS MANGA IS FROM 2015~ Amongst Cat People, those who have three or more fur colors a...

    shonen_ai, BL

  • LoveMe HateMe KissMe KillMe

    by BabyLiska

    Joel's dark and hopeless world suddenly brightens up when he meets sweet and kind Jaime who seems to be the only one who can save him from despair. Th...

    shonen_ai, BL

  • Guilty Pleasure

    by Paws

    A tale about troubled minds and dark desires. In this psychological drama two people, complete opposites, doesn't just meet. They crash and burn. C...

    shonen_ai, BL

  • The Daily Life with The Devil's Son

    by Eri

    Yonaka Abe, a 22 year old University student just trying to be as normal as possible, but life took a turn when he met the devil's son. .:+UPDATES+...

    shonen_ai, Romance

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