• Simcats

    by Adrian Hii

    Aidan, an 'independent' orphan who is welcomed to Cat Mansion when he desperately seeks a new place to stay, later he discovers a secret digital holog...

    Sims, Comedy

  • /Squattr/

    by Alanphabetology

    A super short about an irritating being squats in the otherwise perfect virtual dwelling of a young girl.

    Sims, Science fiction

  • Hanging on a Thread

    by Eyecy

    Layne Seitz was an average-shmaverage 19-year-old with an unhealthy obsession for a K-Rock group (CyberPunkboyz). He was fairly content blowing the mo...

    Sims, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Memories

    by huskies everywhere

    The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: make a series of one-shots made by The Sims 3! 1. The Last Day - Annie shares her sweetest and most memorable memories and ...

    Sims, Slice of life


    by dulcis:victoria

    In a world where supernatural and humanity live in an era of truce, Allie, an alien teenage girl, receives a peculiar invitation to join a group which...

    Sims, Mystery, Fantasy

  • ALICE?

    by fsgabs

    "Alice?" conta a historia de uma garota em apuros após ser sequestrada para ajudar pessoas que ela acredita nunca ter visto...

    Sims, Gaming, Fantasy

  • My little Mallory

    by Mallory

    Well ..to start my English is not good so they may not be well written so I apologize from the beginning.:) ...Mallory on her 20th birthday begin...

    Sims, Romance, Drama, Fantasy