• Idiots Don't Catch Colds

    by Aina Palm

    There is only one guy Souta absolutely can't stand so of course he gets stuck with him as a classmate. Nao, a moody and arrogant boy, shows everyone t...

    Soccer, BL

  • False 9

    by Blakely Inberg

    False 9 is a queer webcomic set in SoFlo following a determined young freshmen as he pursues a position in his university’s soccer team.

    Soccer, Slice of life

  • Reckless

    by Clare Cassidy

    Two boys. Two different schools. One game. One goal. Life was easy when you were the King of your school, but when you get rivalry on the field, th...

    Soccer, BL

  • Shooting Star

    by KFComics

    Hiro and Matsu know each other since kindergarten and they play soccer together just as long. When their High School soccer team gets shut down due to...

    Soccer, Drama

  • I Never Should Have Kissed Braden McGill

    by JustNicole0001writes

    Hunter Rowley is the best midfielder on his high school soccer team. He is loyal, knows everything there is to know about aquariums (salt water or fre...

    Soccer, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • My New Sister GL

    by LizTheLemur

    18 yearold high-schooler Elizabeth "Liz" Miller finds love in Macey Taylor during a chance encounter. They quickly fall in for each other, but their p...

    Soccer, GL, Romance

  • Oh,Boy! (BL)

    by Kasimir Tailor

    How far would you go to help the only family you’ve got? It was supposed to be a simple deal. Make friends with Clay Prescott, the soccer club’s ca...

    Soccer, BL, Drama

  • From Eden

    by Beelzebutter

    Ezekial Cavalcante, a student at a university specializing in culinary arts, tries to juggle classes with work and keeping up with his friends who sta...

    Soccer, Romance

  • Play Ball

    by dodo

    /// This is just a story I wanna draw out because I love my OCs LOL please come in with low expectations because i am lazy and busy with other stuff a...

    Soccer, BL

  • All's fair in love and war

    by vanillawitchy

    Hiroshi has two things he knows for sure: that he loves soccer and that he likes Akane. As his second year of high school begins, he is determined to ...

    Soccer, Romance

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