• The Stains Beneath Our Skin

    by sxxaint

    [COMPLETE] Casper's got three things: a trash boyfriend, a deadend job, and enough self-destructive habits to ruin his life. So, if Cain - a charming,...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Tied Down

    by Stockholm syndrome

    Have you ever loved someone so much you want to hide them from the world and keep them all to yourself? Apparently that's called kidnapping... U...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Romance

  • M is for Monster

    by 375

    **Sometimes, not everything is as it seems** Ever since he was young, Iesa has been chained to his bedroom by his parents who tell him its because ...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Horror

  • What Is The Price of Freedom?

    by 375

    Ratana Slides is your average student council president who sees something she calls "The Other Me", a dark figure that took her and stalks her throug...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Horror

  • The Witness

    by M. C. Andr

    Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change someone's life. Melony would know. After witnessing a murder she gets kidnapped and held hostage...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, GL, Action, Horror

  • The Ties That Bind: The Comic

    by Valora

    Middle Earth, early Second Age. An Orc captures a young Noldo during an ambush in the White Mountains. He plans to use her for some "sport", but thing...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Taken

    by Shadow

    Ever wondered how you would survive if you were ever kidnapped? It wasn't on Lilie's agenda, or atleast not at first. She had just turned 21, party wi...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Romance, Mystery, Horror

  • A Choice of Dreams

    by NinjaPhyre

    He's a good detective, but when skeletons started chattering in his closet he decided to let them out and talk. Having nothing else to do while captur...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, BL, Mystery, Horror

  • My Personal Stalker

    by Kingkandick

    The Stalker is an ominous figure who never appears without a victim in arm. They appear mostly at night and are in their own little world by day. T...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Horror

  • How many Times do I have to DIE?

    by Namloong

    On his way to confess his feelings to his work senior Hisashi, Ren is interested in a nice pendant that a lady is selling on the street. The lady exp...

    Stockholm_Syndrome, Horror, BL

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