• Macabre

    by Baby Hippo

    That's it. She's dead. Spero wakes up one morning, face to face with her reaper. He tells her she's been wronged, that she gets another shot at life. ...

    strong_female_character, Fantasy

  • Stray Memory

    by akai4clover

    Life is like a thread. It turns, twists, and tangles when people come across each other in the most trivial or meaningful way. Like it or not, you alw...

    strong_female_lead, Drama, Mystery

  • Pippa Saves Christmas

    by CamarcoArt

    Pippa sweeps into action with her amazing skills in gymnastics to save what could have been a catastrophic Christmas disaster.

    Strong_female, Action, Slice of life, Comedy

  • VAL

    by pepptart

    just a big city girl, living in a dystopian wooorld

    strong_female_lead, Action

  • Supernova Zero

    by siroria

    Reika is a complete loser who only knows fighting over diplomacy. An alien uprising gives her the opportunity to become an armored hero, but at a pric...

    strong_female_heroine, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Lilah's Magic Shop

    by drawnbyyannan

    Lilah is new to town and just wants to sell her special potions in her magic shop. However, when she learns about why her family had to flee their hom...

    strong_female_lead, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Atlas

    by Ary

    Forrest wakes up in a world full of fish girls, but this isn't like any show they've seen before.

    strong_female_characters, Fantasy

  • GREY

    by MsArtisticStuff

    Finally on her last year of high school, Naomi intends to go through her 3rd year as smoothly as possible, her routine including going to school, eat,...

    strong_female_character, Romance

  • Water Cradle

    by Killian Rain

    What if you were powerful enough to control magic but wouldn't be able to use it to conquer your own freedom? This story is about Vinga - a young s...

    strong_female_lead, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • Project: NVT

    by Htat

    A typical highschool student enjoying her summer, Wyetta decides to go visit her brother only to find out he has mysteriously disappeared. When seekin...

    Strong_Female_protagonist_, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

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