• Blushies Mini Comic

    by GreenSpleen

    A mini-comic version of my novel, Blushies! Each page will just be illustrations of the best scenes taken straight from the book. Thanks to my read...

    teen_fiction, Romance

  • Laid in Lavender

    by Lakehounds

    Seeking knowledge to lift the curses that bind them, siblings Dorian and Flora left home and plunged into the vast, unforgiving world. In a land of ma...

    teen_fiction, Fantasy

  • Midsummer

    by Helevorn

    10th century Norway. Two teenagers, Helgi and Lars, are sharing their experiences from the Midsummer party the night before, learning more about thems...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

  • Trip!

    by PaintBrushJewel

    Idk it’s my first comic...

    Teen_Fiction, Science fiction

  • Size 6 Fits?

    by Aui Firaq

    Emma lives with her mentally absent father, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend's sister. To sum up, his girlfriend is Emma's age, and the sister is...

    teen_fiction, Comedy

  • He's Not Mine

    by charli.snow

    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems to go right. Will a chance encounter in Takashi's melancholy world bring him out of the deep...

    Teen_Fiction, BL