• enCCore

    by SpadesArt

    Two demons split from the same person find themselves in the middle of an interdimensional battle to the death. Part of the Cascade Cabaret Origina...

    Tournament, Science fiction

  • D.I.E. - BL

    by Hoku

    How much of a game is a game? If it's worth living for, is it worth dying for? A story about two boys navigating a dark and corrupted world of pro ...

    Tournament, BL

  • Mages of Mowa

    by Amauri

    Once a year the Mowan Empire holds a tournament for aspiring young mages. Elder wizards from across the empire watch for signs of promising apprentice...

    Tournament, Fantasy

  • Dungeon Princess

    by GPS-Device

    Almezun is the youngest daughter of the King of The Underworld, and one of the strongest demons to ever walk the plains. She now finds herself fightin...

    Tournament, Fantasy

  • The End - Thorns Over The Sun

    by Student Flower

    With the turn of the century approaching, an ancient feud is reaching the limit, as it does during the fleeting years. Warriors of varying disciplines...

    Tournament, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Shadosassins

    by Allen Thomas

    In a distant future, two brothers become pieces of a conspiracy involving the world's greatest fighters. The survival of many may rest in their hands....

    Tournament, Action

  • Magic Power Ball

    by Gen-Atto

    https://www.patreon.com/EditorialDraken Meet maria, our heroine! An average girl lost on a fantastic land. Now, she needs to win a magical tournament...

    Tournament, Comedy

  • Element High!

    by Lìghtníng

    In this story, we follow the life of Shiraku Aoi. He's aiming to go to Ryujin High so that he could participate in the Grand Arcanery Championship. Bu...

    Tournament, Comedy

  • Satellite Showdown

    by JoKeR

    Attention galactic denizens! The Satellite Station is hosting its own fighting tournament, and needs your help! Applications now open--humans need not...

    Tournament, Science fiction

  • Titan Bout

    by Harry the Dee

    Titan Bout, the sport of the new century. This is how this mech combat sport is usually described as it is the biggest cultural event of those past fe...

    Tournament, Science fiction

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